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TES Consulting Pvt Ltd is a leading global IT solutions distributor dedicated to accelerating the success of its customers and suppliers by providing market-specific resources, expertise, services and tools. We are based in Delhi with branches in Kolkata, Silchar, Agartala and Panchkula. Built on a foundation of technical excellence, TES has grown to become one of the most successful IT solution providers in the region. Our customers include almost all of the major manufacturing/building industries, Public Sector and Educational Organizations in the region.

Why TES?

By choosing TES Consulting as your preferred IT Solution vendor you get the advantage of complete IT Solutions under one single roof along with the expertise & experience gathered by us over the years and benefit from the same. With these technology and market specializations provided by TES, our clients can effectively address their different needs and business challenges resulting in new market opportunities and increased revenue growth.

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