Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Looking for FAST, Immediate and Reliable computer maintenance services?

We at TES, offer computer maintenance services on annual and quarterly basis. Computer maintenance is required when you or your business activities depends on computers. Our computer maintenance services is not only repairing or replacing faulty hardware, but we offer a quality consultation along with maintaining your computer system, which includes both Hardware and Software.

Sign an Annual Maintenance Contract with us for computer maintenance and put an end to all your worries related to Computers, Softwares, Networks and Security. We will take care of all your computer related problems with our services which includes Computer Repair, LAN Network support, On-site component upgrade, Troubleshooting, New system setup, Software Configuration, Anti-virus Protection, Spy ware detection and more.

Hardware Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer Hardware

A) Comprehensive Maintenance
  • 12 months on site
  • Including Labor + Spares
  • Replacement/Repair of Spares (if available)
  • Routine preventive Maintenance
  • Priority in Support
  • Ideal for Serious user who think Time is Money

B) NON Comprehensive Maintenance
  • 12 months on site
  • Includes Labor only
  • Routine preventive Maintenance
  • Priority call in Support
  • Ideal for Big Installation Base.

Contact: Mr. Alok Dutta
M: 9830951005

Software Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer Software
You’ve made a significant investment of time and resources in your software. Now you need to take steps to ensure that you get the best ROI by arranging the best maintenance and support for your software.
Whether you need additional support in terms of troubleshooting software anomalies or run into a bug that hinders your team from getting their work done in a timely fashion, our support team is standing by to lend a hand.
A number of issues come into play that requires an organization to begin an adaptive maintenance program. Your application may not work as well as it used to because you have upgraded your computers or other mission-critical pieces of hardware.
What are your end users saying about how the software is currently functioning? If you have been receiving a number of similar complaints or are experiencing a return of problems that you thought had already been taken care of, it may signal the time for going for professional maintenance.

Software maintenance and support includes:
  • Direct access to experienced engineers
  • Personalized service from a trusted and knowledgeable support specialist
  • Installation support
  • Functional Support to the Engineers
  • Online Troubleshooting
  • Onsite visit and support (as required)
  • Timely problem resolution

Contact: Mr. Partha Chakraborty
M: 8336977294

We can also assist you on a Call Basis Support for computer software, computer networking, fixing a hardware issue, computer easy fixes & maintenance or provide you with specialized expert consultations on a variety of technical issues.
Our On Call Services Includes:

  • Computer Maintenance/Repair
  • Laptop Maintenance/Repair
  • Local Area Network
  • Wireless Networking
  • Scanners & Printers
  • Computer Software
  • Security & Virus protection
  • Firewall Setup
  • Parental Control & Mentoring

Contact: Mr. Alok Dutta
Mobile: 9830951005