University or College Management

1. Admission/Registration:

This Automated System is such that it gives the applicant easier procedure and better stream selection system.  Single admission form can indicate a rank system for students to choose his/her choice of streams. This procedure may also shorten the admission period and hence in adhering to the academic calendar.

  • Minimal data entry required, for quick and easy merit list selection.
  •  Adheres to the seats sanctioned to the college for each course.
  •  Also follows the mandatory reservation rules and quota percentage.
  •  Also capable of giving preference to the girl candidate.
  •  Registration and conducting entrance test.
  •  Marks and Tabulations.
  •  Ranking
  •  Counseling and Gathering of applicant’s preference.
  •  Final publication of Selection.

Reports and List:-

  •  Category Wise Merit List.
  •  Cut off Marks.
  •  Seats Vacant.
  •  Re-Entry of seats left vacant after admission.
  •  Publication of multiple lists, DCF Reports (Data Collection Form)

2. Student Administration:

This module administrates the complete profile of a student in a very systematic way. Helps Principal or Administrator to have an overview of a particular`s student profile. College Staff save much of their time in data entry and record maintenance.


  • Student Admission  On Line / Off Line
  •  Statistical Report
  •  Student Identity Card  (ID Card)
  •  College Registration Form
  •  Student Reports
  •  Student Admission Register
  •  Student Promotion
  •  College Leaving Certificate (CLC)

Easy Student Entry/Exit. Statistical Report can be generated.
Some of them are as follows:-

  •  Course Wise
  •  Religion wise
  •  Caste Wise
  •  Gender Wise
  •  Handicapped
  •  Nationality etc…

3. College Fee Management:


  • Fee can be separated for college and university.
  • Create all invoices in advance for the entire session or for a particular installment. 
  • Parents can make the payment either by cash, cheque, demand draft or credit card.
  • Intimation / Warning letters can be sent for fee defaulters. 
  • Fee Management system offers a user defined structure for the user to have a proper mastering set up every year.
  • User defined fee heads and system defined enable the user to have a proper master setup for fee module.
  • Collection of each head can be made monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annually or installment.


  • Fee Schedule – For various Course/Gender/Category/Caste etc.
  •  Defaulter list.
  •  Daily Collection Report (DCR).
  •  Date Range/Monthly/Yearly collection report.
  •  Head Wise collection report.
  •  Bill Wise collection report.
  •  Course wise Collection.
  •  Cheque Reconciliation Report.

4. Library Management:

Library system is an information management system with graphical client interface provides flexibility to libraries and their users.  Proposes to enhance library to media centers, information centers and archives. We use database system to handle large quantities of information of all kinds; using library defined record formats providing for an outstanding search interface. We strive to make the system very easy to use – and guarantee consistency of operation, ease of navigation and intuitive screen layout. 
Search Strategies:-

  •  The Libraries decides which data are to be searched, and therefore which indexes are created.
  •  Each element from a bibliographical record can be indexed, and indexed can be built from data in multiple fields.

Search Facilities:-

  •  Fuzzy Logic – The system attempts to match misspelling or approximate terms.
  •  Left and Right truncation and wildcards.
  •  Boolean AND, OR and NOT are supported.
  • Proximity searching – e.g. terms to be found within specific proximity to each other.      
  • Search trees – Selection of pre-defined hierarchical relations.
  •  Retained search library.
  •  Automatic compilation of statistic of OPAC usage.

5. Staff Administration & Payroll:

It is very simple, flexible and user-friendly relating to accounting and management of employees payroll.  It stores complete records of the employees, generates pay-slips,  If required Attendance Register, computes all allowance and deductions and generates all statutory and MIS reports.


  • Statutory Report.
  • Detail Description.
  • Income Tax Management.
  • Leave Management.
  • User Define Allowance (Setting Formula/ Fixed Pay/ Annualized Pay etc..).
  • With Full & Final Settlement.
  • Comprehensive Report Writer
  • Wage Register
  • Salary Register
  • PF Challan
  • P.F. FORMS form 3a, 6a, 9, 12a
  • Income Tax FORMS Form 16.
  • Salary Calculation
  • Arrears Calculation
  • Monthly Reconciliation
  • Income Tax
  • Leave Management

6. Examination Management:

  •             Student Allotment
  •             Examination form
  •             Student Subject Relation
  •             Exam Approval allotment sheet
  •             Alphabetical reports of students
  •             Admit Card after confirmation from University.
7. Inventory Management:

Inventory / Equipment’s management module provides the complete status of items received consumed and in stock. 

8. This Module Provides:

•           Item Details 
•           Details of the source 
•           Purchasing date, rate and bill no. 
•           Stock in hand 
•           Qty of material consumed 
•           Depreciation values 
•           Weekly / Monthly analysis of items consumed 
•           Time to time rate variation analysis 
•           Graphical analysis of items consumed and its variation in the rates 
•           Different types of reports related to the module.